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by dawn on Custom Moccasins
love my shoes

Impeccable craftsmanship, cool styling, super comfortable. I can't say enough about my shoes from SoulPath! I highly recommend; well worth the price and the wait.

by Elaine Sturtevant on Custom Moccasins
Custom Knee High Boots

The wait for these beautiful boots was worth the wait! I barely had to break these boots in. I cannot wait for colder weather to start wearing these boots outside with leggings and tunics!The craftsmanship is amazing, and the boots are like wearable art!

by Alyssum on Custom Moccasins
Excellent custom boots!

Nathan was a pleasure to work with!I’m a pretty active fighter in SCA and LARP combat. I followed Nathan’s instructions for breaking in my new, black, knee high moccosins, and for the first time in over 8 years I’m able to walk home from an event without painful or sore feet. Soul Path shoes makes amazing hand made custom moccasins, and I thoroughly recommend ordering your own!

by Alana Grovit, Santa Cruz, CA on Custom Moccasins
Rare Service and Quality

It is a rare occasion these days to find personalized service, and Nathan and the team at Soul Path excel in this department. From the person to person telephone assistance while filling out the custom order form, to confirming choices and attending to every detail, this experience has been a pleasure.The boots and quality of craftsmanship speak for themselves, as other reviews have attested to. Customized comfort, long lasting materials, and personalized design... amazing!Thank you Soul Path for keeping this craft alive, and for offering a footwear worth investing in.

by Samantha T., Eugene, OR on Custom Moccasins

I love my shoes so much it makes me cry.Have been stopped numerous times by complete strangers with compliments.Hopefully will be able to get another pair next year!Thank you,Samantha

by Stephanie Cerins on Custom Moccasins
My Heart Chakra Peace Boots

Nathan de Bridge rocks! I love my hand made boots! I am grounded in my boots as I asked Nathan to soul my boots with pure leather so that I am connected to mama earth! I wear my lovely boots all day and am super comfortable and feel I have more energy because I am grounded to the earth! So if you are looking for some super comfy, super sexy, super super boots then connect with Nathan. Thank you Nathan for creating works of art for my feet. :~)

by K & D, Anacortes, WA on Custom Moccasins
A work of art!

Hello Nathan,Thank you so much for the fabulous boots, and for getting them to us, as promised, in time for Christmas.The boots are a work of art! They are exactly what we hoped they would be: excellent leather, wonderful craftsmanship, and very comfortable to wear. It is quite special to have a beautiful pair of boots designed exactly as we wanted them, making them truly unique in a mass produced world.Thank you again,K + D, Anacortes

by Roxanne Galvin, Wood Village, Oregon on Custom Moccasins
I love them

Hi.I love my new boots. They arrived just before Christmas. On Christmas eve day, Portland had freezing rain followed by snow. I had my new boots to wear!!!!! I have not had boots for almost 40 years. I love them. I have made a place to hang them when not in use to keep them beautiful.Thank you for being someone who can do what is right for them. To live a life not controlled by 9 to 5..... and to do good for people you will never even meet. May your life be blessed with everything your family needs, and may your hands and eyes never fail you.Roxanne

by Elise Moss on Custom Moccasins
Beach & City Moccasins


I have just returned from winter break and am in receipt of the beach and city moccasin boots. They are lovely, beautiful, and fit perfectly! Thank you so much for making them. I plan on placing another deposit for another pair by the end of January. Please do keep my measurements for another pair soon.

Thank you very much,

by Lisa Harboe on Custom Moccasins
Thank you

Dear Nathan,
Living in Florida I have had to postpone wearing your amazing boots until next now. They fit beautifully and are extremely comfortable. Thank you so much for all your work and effort.

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