Custom Sandals for Women & Men


Featuring a full leather upper and sandal straps of the highest quality, plus a deluxe raised cushion footbed and flexible Vibram soles.  This is a premium leather sandal of great comfort and durability!  Each pair is hand crafted in my studio on Salt Spring Island, BC. with the highest degree of craftsmanship and care.

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These women’s sandals and men’s sandals are for individually custom-fitted sandals of superior quality with a raised cushion footbed and custom options such as additional arch support, color and choices of Vibram soles. For women’s standard sizes in the same design and simpler construction, the price is $165 (see link below).
The Peaceful Warrior Leather Sandals are named after the ancient Desert Warriors of Northern Africa, who wore such strap-style leather sandals several thousand years ago in very demanding conditions.
The peaceful version offers the same ingenious functionality of a single continuous strap that is completely adjustable even as the leather stretches, so these sandals hold the foot extremely well in any activity.

* FOR WOMEN’S STANDARD SIZES, See this listing:

CUSTOM FITTING for the Peaceful Warrior Sandals:

For those who love comfort and a perfect fitting shoe, nothing compares to custom-fitted footwear. As an Artisan Shoemaker first and foremost, custom fitting to each individual’s unique feet is a specialty at Soul Path Shoes. The artisan takes great pride in making each pattern to fit the foot perfectly, while arriving at a shape of sandal that is beautiful and attractive. The procedure is quick and easy: A simple but accurate outline of the foot is drawn on a sheet of paper in ball point pen, then scanned and emailed to us. Upon purchase a short, detailed description of the procedure will be emailed to you, and further conversation with the shoemaker is possible upon request.
Choice of colors, as well as a premium cushioning & additional arch support is available for all custom orders.