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Soul Path Shoes
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 58 reviews
 by John, from Minnesota
Very High Quality

I've had the moccasins that you made for about a month now. 

Most recently, I attended a full day at our annual Renaissance Festival.

I wore my new moccasins all day, and they felt GREAT.

Even at the end of the day -- when my colleagues were complaining about their feet hurting -- my feet felt great in my new boots.

The moccasins are very high quality, and well made, and feel wonderful on my feet.

Pardon the cliche, but they "fit like a glove."

I'm going to take good care of my boots, and I plan to wear enjoy them for the rest of my life.

 by Janet Phillips
I can keep my feet (from being amputated)

I have had foot problems since 2002. I have had 10 surgeries on both feet resulting in losing all but the arch and heel. My feet are approximately 5 inches long and I was told in 2018 (last 4 surgeries) that I would no longer be able to walk since I have no toes. I have proved the doctor wrong.  I was so excited to be referred by my physical therapist to Soul Path Shoes and I want to thank them for for taking the time to create a pair of Moccasin boots that fit my feet.

Thank you so much for doing this for me and I am looking forward to keeping my feet for the rest of my life.  You have made my dreams come true.

 by Marie-Claude Jeanneret, Switzerland
Lest Bottes sont Magnifiques! (The Boots are Marvellous!)

(Translated - see original french version below).

The boots are marvellous.  The craftsmanship is superior; the finishing details are perfect.

When I wear these boots I love the feeling of suppleness, I walk with a lighter, more graceful step.  Big Thanks to Nathan for his infinite kindness in supporting this custom process, and for doing it all in french with me!

Marie-Claude Jeanneret, Switzerland

The Les bottes sont magnifiques.
Le travail est extrêmement bien fait, les finitions sont parfaites.
J'adore chausser mes bottes qui apporte une sensation de douceur, un toucher délicat, et un pas gracieux.
Un grand merci à Nathan pour son infinie gentillesse dans l'accompagnement du processus de fabrication, et ceci en français.

 by Sarah Romiran, Sarasota, Florida
A Perfect gift to myself

I just turned 55 and my daughters have left the house, and for years I've been dreaming about these boots... Finally for my 55th birthday I decided to treat myself!

The ordering process is highly customized, yet the steps are laid out and clear instructions are supplied along the way.  Nathan obviously does remarkable, one of a kind works of art that are so comfortable to wear, and the service is personal and professional.  Highly recommended, and worth the wait!

 by Moonie
Best sandals ever!!!

The BEST sandals EVER!!!
I have the Peaceful Warrior Leather Sandals and have been wearing them for many months now. They are my absolute favorite sandals I have ever owned!
The sandals fit my feet so comfortably, as they are adjustable and the leather works with your own unique shape.
They look amazing, are very stylish and simple. The sandals feel very secure on my feet, yet are easy to slip on and off. Hands down amazing craftsmanship and highly recommended. Thank you Natan!!!

 by Niveen
Magic meets Comfort

I just placed my second order for a new pair of boots! Nathan is an alchemist. Soul Path Shoes are not just footwear; each pair is a work of art and a tool to connect with earth and myth….I cannot do Nathan’s work justice with words… This is the path to tread lightly through life!

 by Scott Campbell
Better than I could have imagined!

I love my Renaissance Boots! Everyone at Soul Path Shoes helped me customize my 6 button boot order to ensure I was happy with the product. Nathan even called me to explain parts that I was confused with! When the boots arrived they are better than what I imaged they would be! I would order from Soul Path Shoes again!

If you are not sure if this is what you are looking for…let me tell you, buy shoes from Soul Path! You will not be disappointed!

 by Syd Mallova
I don't want to wear anything else!

For years I've dreamed of boots/moccasins like these... I eventually bought boots I liked a lot less at one of the Ren Fairs we attend, because it was easy... and the result was very disappointing. They are obviously mass produced and were so uncomfortable I had to give up on them. Finding Soul Path Shoes was a dream! I could tell right off from the photos that this was the next level, and my experience has confirmed that in every way. From the professional and personal service, answering questions where needed, to the end result which is simply fantastic. I not only wear them all day at the Ren Fairs, but for any occasion I can. Now I am ready to place a 2nd order so I can have a short pair for daily use. I don't want to wear anything else now! Thank you Nathan and the team - keep up the good work!   Syd

 by Steve Sayre
Terrific Job

Nathan created a pair of mocs exactly as I specified, and they are gorgeous. They fit snug at first but I can already feel them fitting to my foot. It’s like wearing a work of art. Highly recommend!

 by zaafrani Sarah
The perfect union between Love and Magic

Words can not express my joy when I opened the box and discovered the best gift for myself. I never thought they could be even more beautiful than in the pics, and when I tried them I could feel the love they were made with, warming my feet ; I feel like I'm wearing a magic glove not boots 🙂
I am sooo happy that you are part of my journey on earth, this is my first pair and certainly not the last.
Thank you very much to the whole soul path team and to Nathan for this quality work, for the patience, the communications through the process, and all the love you put in this piece of art. The wait and the price was really worth it.
Thank you again, sending you Love & Light from my heart to yours.
Sincerely yours,

 by roy (red) hawkins
Second to none

I received these awesome boots today......kurt russels......they fit like a glove.  Some things are worth waiting for and these are it.  I am 70 years of age and always had a problem finding shoes/boots to fit me properly.  Also having a real shoe obsession, i was so happy when i come across your website and right then and there i knew they were made for me as far as style went.  The quality material and workmanship in these boots are second to none.  Thank you so much soul path........the name says it all.

 by Lily B.
The best boots ever!

I absolutely love my moccasins! They are everything I dreamed of. I had wanted custom boots for a long time, and after checking out a lot of artisans' websites, I kept coming back to Soul Path Shoes. I'm so glad I did; it is well worth it. Nathan and his team were a pleasure to communicate with, and the finished product is so comfortable and looks amazing.

 by Tony & Ronda Prater
Long over due Review !!!

We can not Thank Nathan enough for his great Craftsmanship and care he puts into his work. Each time he will call us a couple times to make sure everything is correct before he starts. We truly love them and are having more made to match other outfits. Once you start wearing them you don't want to take them off and we get praise on them everywhere we go and are very proud to give his name out ! Hopefully he posts our picture in his Gallery!

 by Howard
Great job vary talented

The moccasins i had made are so cool , I love them this man is really great at what he does , And he cares . HdP

 by Don Bigby, Los Angeles
boots for my Harley

Good Evening,

I have my boots and wanted to send my compliments on the excellent quality. They fit beautifully and I am currently breaking them in as recommended. The artwork is amazing and looks perfect on the boots along with the color choice. Thank you so much for such quality work and for communicating with me through the process, you’re an exceptional boot maker and artist.

Best Regards,

 by Tammy Stokes, Texas

Nathan created a beautiful handcrafted pair of boots for me with gorgeous artistic details. I ordered them to compliment my RenFaire costumes, but can see that i will Be wearing them outside the faire setting as they are fabulous. Thank you so much. I love them!


Thank you Tammy! It was a pleasure working on these, and the end result was stunning. I look forward to seeing pics of you wearing them with your favorite Renaissance costumes, or your casual outfits!

 by Camille S., Switzerland


J' ai bien reçu les mocassins, ils sont magnifiques. Vous avez fait un travail incroyable et je suis vraiment heureuse. Merci beaucoup pour toutes les heures que vous avez passées à les créer.

Mes cordiales salutations

Camille S.

 by Jake Suggart, Australia

Thank you for these awesome boots. Your work is very professional, stitching and details immaculate, design beautiful.
Perfect for casual wear and for adventures in the outback... and for snake protection!
Cheers, Jake

 by Natasha Zeelig

Wow... all I can say is that I'm blown away! So grateful to have found Soul Path and the artisan here who still creates works of art that I can wear... this craft is a beautiful blend of a functional item (boots) that is an artistic expression at the same time. My feet feel honored!
Thank you Nathan and team for keeping this dying craft alive. I love them.

 by Shane Drury, Texas
Big Trouble in Little China... lives on!

Since the first time I saw the movie many years ago, I always wanted a pair of boots like Jack Burton (Kurt Russell). When I came upon this site I was so excited! Of course I had to be patient, but it was well worth the wait to have not a replica, but what feels like an original in it's own right. And to have it custom fit to my feet is a special bonus that I hadn't expected.
Keep up the great work!

 by Julia Worgenzer
Over the top!!

I'm so excited I can't sit still right now! When I opened the box I screamed with delight and startled my husband 🙂
I still have a hard time believing these boots are mine... and made custom for my feet. When I put them on I loved them even more, the way they hug my legs and feet, perfectly fitted, with the soft suede leather interior. Wow, I LOVE them!
Thank you so much! I will be telling all my jealous friends about you 🙂
Love, Julia.

 by Kevin Trace
Highly Recommended

First, I love my new boots and wear them all the time when I am not travelling for business.
Thank you so much for everything, I really enjoyed the process, our dialog, your professionalism and, ultimately, your amazing craftsmanship. If I ever need something more, or hear of others that do, I will contact you or recommend you. Thanks again and I wish the best for you and yours.

 by Jenna Nielsen
So pleased!

Nathan and his team were so amazing to work with. I was so impressed with how much time he took to email and call me personally to make sure we got all the details right. He was also so pleasant and informative, which eased any concerns I had about the ordering and waiting process. My boots arrived last night and I am OVER THE MOON! I've been waiting to splurge on myself for over a decade and I definitely picked the right place. Thank you Nathan! Your beautiful craftsmanship speaks to your honorability and love of what you do. I cannot thank you enough.

 by Dave R
Fisherman Sandals

A few years ago, Nathan was at the Roots and Blues in Salmon Arm BC. I had been looking for an all leather sandal with a true leather foot bed. Nathans work looked incredible. I balked at the price and he gave me a few bucks off. I feel somewhat guilty now as the sandals are the most comfortable footwear I own. The foot bed has "molded" to my feet without breaking down and they still look new. They've been on hikes in Utah and many festival dance fields.  I should get another pair but the ones I have will last until I'm wearing carpet slippers fulltime.

 by Julie Sorweta
Simply Lovely

I've been watching the posts and pics of these boots for years on Facebook and Instagram, and I finally treated myself to a pair. Wow! Why did I wait so long? When I finally held these beauties in my hands and felt my feet slip into them, I asked myself - where have you been all my life? They feel like and old friend already! And the beauty of the design... well, that speaks for itself. Just have a look through the gallery... Beautiful work! This is true old world craftsmanship. I'm proud to wear them!

 by Justin Fosser
Jack Burton is Back!

As a die hard fan of Kurt Russell (aka Jack Burton) in Big Trouble in Little China, I can't tell you how excited I was when I discovered Soul Path Shoes! I've dreamed of having a pair of boots like that for a LONG TIME! This is the real deal, folks. I communicated directly with Nathan about this and he customized the knife sheath to my own knife. The boots are custom fitted and the comfort is unsurpassed. These look like they will last a lifetime. Superb craftsmanship. A worthwhile investment for a highly customized, hand crafted product.
Thank you Nathan and the team at Soul Path, you rock!!

 by Ron Ralls
Awesome Soul

Wow...The knee high custom moccasins are amazing and more than I had expected, by far!!! This is another five star rating for Nathan among the many other satisfied customers that he has gained!! Kudos buddy, great job, you more than nailed it! I can’t thank you enough for the privilege of getting to wear a pair of your custom moccasins, your rock! Truly walking the path...with soul...

 by Phillip K
Could not be happier

I had wanted a pair of boots, not just any boots, I had a very specific pair of boots in my mind, and Nathan made them for me (see Acorn & Oak Leaf Boots in the gallery).  From sending the first drawings to putting on the finished product the entire experience was a joy. Thank you Soul Path for making my dream boots a reality.

 by Magenta Collins, San Jose, CA
Stunning Boots

I must say, even though I had high expectations I am completely blown away by my new boots!
The level of artistry and care to detail is impressive, and I really enjoyed the personal communication and process of designing the artwork for my boots. How often nowadays can you call a company and talk directly to the owner, let alone the artisan making your custom fitted boots?
Thank you, I will enjoy these forever.
Magenta Collins

 by Louis cervello, New York, NY


 by Tim Lukton, Austin, TX
Kurt Russell Boots

Incredible! I can't tell you how happy I was to discover Soul Path and especially the Kurt Russell replica boots from Big Trouble in Little China. I wear these to many events and get compliments all the time. The ordering process was made easy by the friendly and professional service and assistance at Soul Path Shoes. The craftsmanship, as expected, is top notch, comfort is second to none. I highly recommend these boots to anyone who takes footwear seriously. Thanks Nathan and the team at Soul Path.

 by Laura Hardin, Oakland, CA

Oh my... I am in love! These are simply the loveliest, sexiest, and most comfortable boots I have ever owned. Worth every penny. Service is very professional and highly personalized - I feel very well looked after. Thank you, I will be ordering again in the future.
Blessings, Laura.

 by Dawn
love my shoes

Impeccable craftsmanship, cool styling, super comfortable. I can't say enough about my shoes from SoulPath! I highly recommend; well worth the price and the wait.

 by Elaine Sturtevant, OH
Custom Knee High Boots

The wait for these beautiful boots was worth the wait! I barely had to break these boots in. I cannot wait for colder weather to start wearing these boots outside with leggings and tunics!
The craftsmanship is amazing, and the boots are like wearable art!

 by Alyssum, Grafton, MA
Excellent custom boots!

Nathan was a pleasure to work with!
I’m a pretty active fighter in SCA and LARP combat. I followed Nathan’s instructions for breaking in my new, black, knee high moccosins, and for the first time in over 8 years I’m able to walk home from an event without painful or sore feet. Soul Path shoes makes amazing hand made custom moccasins, and I thoroughly recommend ordering your own!

 by Alana Grovit, Santa Cruz, CA
Rare Service and Quality

It is a rare occasion these days to find personalized service, and Nathan and the team at Soul Path excel in this department. From the person to person telephone assistance while filling out the custom order form, to confirming choices and attending to every detail, this experience has been a pleasure.
The boots and quality of craftsmanship speak for themselves, as other reviews have attested to. Customized comfort, long lasting materials, and personalized design... amazing!
Thank you Soul Path for keeping this craft alive, and for offering a footwear worth investing in.

 by Samantha T., Eugene, OR

I love my shoes so much it makes me cry.
Have been stopped numerous times by complete strangers with compliments.
Hopefully will be able to get another pair next year!
Thank you,

 by Stephanie Cerins, Chemainus, BC
My Heart Chakra Peace Boots

Nathan de Bridge rocks! I love my hand made boots! I am grounded in my boots as I asked Nathan to soul my boots with pure leather so that I am connected to mama earth! I wear my lovely boots all day and am super comfortable and feel I have more energy because I am grounded to the earth! So if you are looking for some super comfy, super sexy, super super boots then connect with Nathan. Thank you Nathan for creating works of art for my feet. :~)

 by K & D, Anacortes, WA
A work of art!

Hello Nathan,
Thank you so much for the fabulous boots, and for getting them to us, as promised, in time for Christmas.
The boots are a work of art! They are exactly what we hoped they would be: excellent leather, wonderful craftsmanship, and very comfortable to wear. It is quite special to have a beautiful pair of boots designed exactly as we wanted them, making them truly unique in a mass produced world.
Thank you again,
K + D, Anacortes

 by Roxanne Galvin, Wood Village, Oregon
I love them

Hi.I love my new boots. They arrived just before Christmas. On Christmas eve day, Portland had freezing rain followed by snow. I had my new boots to wear!!!!! I have not had boots for almost 40 years. I love them. I have made a place to hang them when not in use to keep them beautiful.
Thank you for being someone who can do what is right for them. To live a life not controlled by 9 to 5..... and to do good for people you will never even meet. May your life be blessed with everything your family needs, and may your hands and eyes never fail you.

 by Elise Moss
Beach & City Moccasins


I have just returned from winter break and am in receipt of the beach and city moccasin boots. They are lovely, beautiful, and fit perfectly! Thank you so much for making them. I plan on placing another deposit for another pair by the end of January. Please do keep my measurements for another pair soon.

Thank you very much,

 by Lisa Harboe
Thank you

Dear Nathan,
Living in Florida I have had to postpone wearing your amazing boots until next now. They fit beautifully and are extremely comfortable. Thank you so much for all your work and effort.

 by Bobbydan Emerson, Texas, USA
True Craftsmanship

I rarely write reviews because my standards are exceptionally high, but when my standards are exceeded then writing a review is a must. I have found Nathan the owner of Soul Path Shoes to be a man who has epiphanies that are infinitive, in craftsmanship, skill and style. The expertise and attention to detail Nathan displays in making his custom shoes/ boots can only be made by a very, very rare individual indeed, a true Master. Every job he does is a work of art, one of a kind. Nathan makes shoes/boots that are top of the line in comfort and style made to last. Nathan is the epitome of a true Master Craftsman and his skill is legendary.  HEROES will always be remembered but LEGENDS.....LEGENDS will last forever.
Satisfied Customer
Bobbydan Emerson
Cut n Shoot Texas

 by Josi Green, Santa Rosa, CA
Stunning and sooo comfortable!

These are not only stunning works of art, they are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned! At first I hesitated with buying custom boots online, but after a consultation with Nathan on the phone I understood the process and options clearly, and proceeded.
I can say now it was well worth the investment to have something made uniquely for my feet, exactly to my tastes, and with original artwork to boot (no pun intended!).
Nathan is a master of his craft, and gives exceptional customer support and service. Highly recommended.
Thanks Nathan!

 by Mary Martinez, Torrance, California
LOVE my new boots!

Hi Nathan,
Got my boots yesterday and LOVE THEM!! They're perfect! They fit great and are super comfortable, well made and smell great (I love the smell of leather). Thank you so much ? I plan to get some taller ones in the future.
Take care!

 by Pastor Keith Scarborough
Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Nathan and Soul Path Shoes. Recently I went through the process of commissioning Nathan to make a pair of moccasins for me. I don't often splurge on things such as this and so I am very picky when I do. I found Nathan to be very informative and fun to work with. He gave great artistic direction to the process and the end result was above and beyond my expectations. For a person without a lot of worldly possessions, my moccasins are some of my very favorite things!

Thanks for the gift of your talent.

Pastor Keith Scarborough

 by Linda Lemmon
Custom Moccasins for Linda

Dear Nathan,

I just received my shoes today. They are absolutely lovely and even though the leather will stretch a bit they are very comfortable already. You are an artist. Thank you so much. I will treasure these shoes.

Just received them in time for my 62nd birthday--so your shoes are for all ages.


 by Tania Miranda, San Diego, CA
Custom Moccasins for Tania

Hi Nathan,

My handmade custom moccasins were well worth the wait - they are the most comfortable shoes I own! They are gorgeous, fit me perfectly, and are so well made I am sure they will last a lifetime!! Thanks again

 by Marica Cramp, Tyalgum, Australia
Love them!

Hi Nathan,
Thank you so much for my beautiful boots, they arrived 24/3/17.  Love them, love them!

I can't wait for winter so I can wear them more. Will send picture as soon as possible.
Many thanks

 by Donna Diddit, Denver, Colorado
Perfect for Renaissance Festival

The boots arrived and I'm breaking them right now as I work in the studio. Many, many thanks for the marvelous craftsmanship. I'll send pics along in a few weeks; the Colorado Renaissance Festival begins June 10th and these will look perfect with my costuming.

Very best regards,

Donna Diddit LLC-
The Owl and The Hourglass Studio

 by Kate Smith, Seattle, WA
Perfect for Ren Faire and Life!

Hello Nathan & Crew-

Wanted to let you know these amazing boots just arrived this afternoon. They fit perfectly. Just a tad bit of tightness over my right arch, which I know is higher than my left. It's already softened up from wearing around the house just one hour. The boots honestly couldn't be more perfect, for Ren Faire and for life!

Thanks for the lovely craftsmanship!
It's been a pleasure working with Soul Path Shoes!

Kate Smith

 by David Gronberg, Round Rock, Texas


I received my boots yesterday and they are amazing! Thank you so much for such a great work of art. I know I will enjoy many years of use from these. Thank you again! I will recommend you highly!    David Gronberg, Round Rock, Texas.

 by Peggy A. Coyle, Cameron Park, California
Best gift to myself!

I got my moccasins yesterday and I just love them. Brought back great memories of the ones I bought in 1971 or 2 can't remember the year exactly. But I remember the day for sure. Such a good time for me.
This time it is even better because I could afford the design I wanted, and the level of craftsmanship at Soul Path is on a level of its own. What a beautiful gift to myself! Thank you Nathan.

 by James Shimota, Portland, OR
Magical Druid Moccasins

It’s official! I Love ‘em. Seriously.

The instructions you provide were ALL the questions I had. Nicely done! I had wondered about care, maintenance etc.

Your document was right on.

As to fit. Yes. I pushed the foot deep and bang. The arch set perfectly, the foot felt super nice, and the heal was off the seam. An EXCELLENT fit on both feet! I do like the feel a lot. Yes, its tight over the top and yet seems comfortably loose at the same time if that’s possible! I walked around the house for about 15 mins and my first thought was ‘where have you been all my life?’. The padding can be felt. My tennis shoes are supposedly padded but I can actually feel a softness in these. They will be perfect at the Ren Faire, or Faerieworlds festival!

The wrap around the calf, was perfect! I realize that is because the boot isn’t formed, but rather adjustable but either way I didn’t expect this type of comfort. A huge benefit is that with my old boots, putting my pantaloon legs into the boot was a nightmare. Since the boot is ‘open’ until you lace it, you can get the pant in nicely, smoothly and make it comfortable. Huge. Nathan. Huge.

I’m very glad that your verbal information, your option choices and your instructions talked in such fine detail about how boots stretch over time, your addition of the extra soles and pads and the comfort pads you included. Well done my man!

As to style. Your stitching work is exemplary. Even, accurate, true craftsmanship. I do love that the stitches show so well. Perfect color thread! The stars I expected to be something that after a year or two were gonna be a problem. I expected the edges to fray etc. But you stitched it so well, that is not going to be a problem at all. Bravo! The same care and artistry showed even in the buttons. They were all turned perfectly and similarly. I would not have expected that detail to be caught, but you did!

So. Am I happy I spent this much on a pair of boots? YES.

Am I happy I chose you for my artist? YES!

Will I take care of these with the same effort you placed in creating them? ABSOLUTELY.

Will I enjoy these boots for years to come? YES!

Thank you Nathan for your patience, effort, artistic skill and love of your art form. I appreciate you.

Jim Shimota    ps. We need to have a name for these boots!

 by Sandi Hansen
Chocolate Lovers Boots

I received my Chocolate Lovers boots on Friday. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!
Thank you Nathan!

 by Jason Guy, Santa Cruz, California
Expertly made in every way

I recently received my pair of 8" high moccasin boots hand made by Nathan at Soul Path Shoes and I am absolutely delighted. These boots are expertly made with the quality of both the materials and the stitching of the highest level even to my untrained eye. The fit is a wonderful feeling much like a glove for the foot in that they are snug but not tight. (This for me is important in that I have a 4E foot US and not feeling pinched in the toe box area is very important to me.) And as importantly, these boots are just plain beautiful in their design! They are shoes I feel comfortable wearing both everyday and for more formal occasions.
Now for a couple of details.

One of the things I have learned in life is that nothing of quality ever comes about quickly or cheaply. It is evident that both time and care was taken in their making and I would not have it any other way. And since I have every reason to believe that this footwear will last for a lifetime with proper care, I feel that this was money was very well spent.

One of the keys to the fit of these boots is in the casting of your foot. Nathan provides a very easy to follow video on how this is done. Indeed, making the duct tape form went quite smoothly.
Another concerned I had about casting was the fact that I wear orthotics for both feet.  After discussing my concern with Nathan over the phone it was decided that I would submit castings and tracing both with and without the inserts. So I and my partner waited a day and had a bit more wine and did the alternate casting.

When I received the boots they were a bit tight. This, as stated in the instructions provided with the boots, is to be expected. And after a short break-in period first without and then with the orthotics the leather stretched just enough to form a very comfortable fit.  No factory manufacture footwear comes close to the "skin" like feel of these boots.

All in all I am delighted with my new moccasin boots. And if you decide to have some made, I offer you congratulations for you are in for a real treat!

 by Sandi Hansen
Chocolate Lovers Moccasin-Boots

I have had my boots for a couple of years now. They went to Scotland with me and are honestly
The most comfortable shoes I own.

 by Tim Smith
Top notch quality!

The sandals arrived today, and I must say, they've totally exceeded all of my expectations (which were high, of course)! They're even more lovely in person than in the photos, they fit absolutely perfectly, and the comfort on the foot is unparalleled! The leather is so soft all the way around that it feels like my feet are perched in little clouds. Also, the darker leather colour is spot-on; exactly what I had had in mind. Absolutely gorgeous work, and top-notch quality start to finish! Thanks again for your lovely work, I will cherish these sandals for years to come!

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