Welcome, Custom Moccasins Website!

I am pleased to announce the release of a new custom moccasin website for Soul Path Shoes, artisan moccasin-boot & sandal maker from Salt Spring Island, BC.  Featuring vivid photos of custom moccasins, leather boots and sandals, with detailed descriptions of the products and a specialized custom order form for the moccasin-boots (see Build Your Custom Order for details).

Each pair of moccasin boots at Soul Path Shoes is a unique creation as each pair is made to order, which means the boots are entirely custom fitted and designed for the individual foot and calf of the customer.  The custom-fitting process is made easy and accessible to customers worldwide by means of a short video with step-by-step instructions.  These custom fitted boots are cherished by all who wear them, as the boot is patterned and shaped to each individual’s foot and calf.  These moccasins are for women or men alike, and many of the moccasins feature custom artwork.  For many people a custom footwear is a necessity, but for everyone these custom moccasins are truly luxurious!

Please check out the short video entitled:  “Walking the Path With Soul – Portrait of an Artisan Shoemaker”, at the bottom of the home page:  https://www.soulpathshoes.com/

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