As the artisan and owner at Soul Path Shoes, I stand behind my work.  I guarantee all our products for any defects in craftsmanship, function, or fitting.   It is to everyone’s benefit to have more than satisfactory results, so I take great care to work with diligence to produce the finest footwear I can every time.  I survive as an artisan due to my reputation for meticulous quality standards, good communication, and my desire to surpass my clients’ expectations.


All deposits for custom moccasin-boots or custom sandals are non-refundable, as a deposit is a commitment from the customer to follow through with the order.  The deposit secures the customer’s place in our orders as of the order date, and the orders are honoured and completed chronologically according to this date.  The deposit is used immediately to order materials such as leather, custom buttons, soling materials, as well as pay staff, studio rent, administration fees, and the time invested with each customer.  This is the nature of custom artisan work; it is not a factory operation with thousands of boxes on the shelf.  Our commitment is to follow through on the order and fulfill it to our usual high standards of craftsmanship, in or near the estimated time frame.  What we offer is a truly customized product that is entirely handmade from scratch, individually patterned and designed for each and every person.

  • We do offer a grace period of 48hrs if someone ordered by mistake or on a whim and wishes to cancel right away.  In this case we will refund the total amount less 15% to cover admin fees, merchant processing fees, and the loss on currency exchange (as we lose money both ways in this!).

* Soul Path Shoes reserves the right to cancel an order if we are not able to complete it, and in this case only will we issue a full refund on the deposit amount paid.


In the case of standard sizing, such as the standard sized sandals, the Nature Souls slip-on’s and children’s shoes, the customer is responsible to make the proper sizing choice, and may verify sizing concerns with me prior to purchase.  We are happy to exchange any standard size item for another size, providing it is available, and if the returned item is still in new condition.  The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs and applicable taxes.


ALL of our custom moccasins are made of genuine, full grain American Bison (buffalo) and bullhide of the highest quality.  However, as leather is a natural material with irregular characteristics (unlike a uniform fabric), there are always variations in grain pattern, temper, and in tone and color.  We do our best to represent the product and colors with our photographs, but each hide is somewhat unique and there is variation in color from hide to hide.  Also bear in mind that the bison is a free range animal, and some irregularities and blemishes do occur more than on conventional cattle.  We check every piece of leather meticulously, and will not use any inferior material.  However, minor stretch or scuff marks are common, as well as a great variety in the grain pattern, which is part of the appeal of the unique and beautiful buffalo (bison) leather.


We do our best to stay within the estimated times to complete custom orders.  However, as these boots are hand crafted one at a time by a preeminent artisan of highly customized work  we do appreciate some flexibility with turnaround times.  If you have a special event or deadline we ask that you notify us well in advance.

Entirely crafted by hand and starting with a custom pattern, these unique moccasin-boots often include artwork or other original design features.  Such work requires time, patience, and a clear state of mind, and most of my customers have understood that it is this careful pace and good energy that makes real quality and such a personal experience like this possible in the modern world.


We will re-adjust or remake a custom moccasin or sandal if it doesn’t fit properly and if this is indeed a defect in our workmanship.  The customer is responsible for reading and following the breaking in instructions provided with each order.  If this document has not been read or received for whatever reason, the customer is responsible for requesting this before moving forward with the wearing or breaking in of the new moccasins.   In all cases for replacement issues the client will be responsible for all shipping fees incurred.

The moccasins we make provide a neutral base, with the exception of arch support when this is requested in the custom options.  Typically stretching and breaking in techniques are sufficient to accomplish an exquisite fitting.  The customer is responsible for taking care in the casting process and drawings, as my pattern is based entirely on these.  This is not a difficult procedure, and in the video we provide clear and detailed instructions that provide excellent results when followed properly.  We make ourselves available for questions or for a phone call if something is not perfectly clear in this process.

The moccasin-boots we make are not stiff, conventional boots with artificial stiffeners in the heel area or the toe, as is the case with many factory made boots.  This is a major difference between a moccasin and a boot, and one of the reasons people find these moccasins so soft and comfortable.  However, if more support is required, this is not my responsibility, and this may not be the right footwear for you.  We provide custom fitted footwear, which is not the same as custom orthotics.  People with structural or foot problems should consult a doctor and get a prescription for custom orthotics.  These may be incorporated into my custom fitted footwear and may provide a compatible fitting, but this is beyond the scope of our responsibility.  We do not assume any responsibility for postural imbalances, uneven weight distribution, lack of support or correction of any of these particularities resulting from individual body habits in our customers.

We look forward to a long and friendly business relationship with our clients, and strive to offer truly personalized service in an exchange that is deeply satisfying for both for us as the artisan, and for you as our valued customer.