Frequently Asked Questions

For questions specific to customizing your boots (i.e. buttons, shape, colors, trim, soles, piping, cuff, toe cap, insoles and custom artwork) refer to the Guide to the Custom Order Form.

The $300 is a flat rate deposit that will be deducted from the full amount of your custom boots. As these leather moccasins are individually crafted for you and to your exact specifications, the total amount is determined by the options you choose when completing the Custom Order Form.

Each option in the Custom Order Form is itemized with a price so you know exactly what you are paying for.

The turnaround time varies from month to month, depending on the length of our waiting list. Typically it has been around 6 months, from the date the deposit is paid. If you have an important event or date, such as a wedding or Renaissance Fair, please check with us.

The form will show you the individual pricing of each option, but it will not add it up. When you have chosen all the options you want, simply add up all the prices to get the total.

Fortunately, we have created the Guide Page for Order Form, to help you create your custom dream boots with ease. Each option in the Order Form has a matching number in the Guide Page, with details and illustrations for utmost clarity.

  • If you still have questions after this, feel free to send us an email.

There is a Comments Box at the bottom of the Order Form in which you can write any other details, customization, or ask questions. .

Do your best to choose all the correct options, and in the Comments Box at the bottom of the Order Form, you can add notes to clarify what you want. See examples:

  • I want my boots exactly like Odin’s Black Beauties.
  • Please make my boots exactly like the Bird & Forest Moccasins, except in 9-button height, with a toe cap, and the top trim layer in Redwood, etc.

In moderately wet conditions such as where I live on the west coast of Canada, they work very well with regular greasing *. It is important to note that no natural leather boot will ever be fully waterproof. The only material that is waterproof is rubber, but rubber boots do not breathe, don’t flex and form to your feet as leather does, and are no comparison for comfort.

  • Regular treatments of a good boot grease such as Mink Oil Paste is essential and improves the weather and water proofing greatly.

Our leather moccasins are made with premium quality, american tanned leather – top grain bullhide or american bison (aka buffalo), which is 2-3 times thicker than average boot or moccasin leather, yet extremely supple and soft.

I walk and hike in a variety of terrain with my moccasins, in the forest or by the ocean and it is often raining. Although they eventually get wet, my feet are still comfortable. There is a compromise no matter what boots you wear, and I prefer the feeling of walking in comfortable, natural leather boots that are light, flexible and custom fit to my feet than having rubber or other synthetic materials that don’t breathe and compress my feet in unnatural ways.

If you need boots for extremely wet conditions most of the time, our leather moccasins may not be the best choice. If you working in tall wet grass for extended periods or in deep puddles repeatedly this will be very challenging for any leather footwear or natural materials. Best to go with pure rubber or neoprene boots for those conditions, and save your deluxe leather moccasins for more appropriate conditions.

Yes, resoling is a simple matter. If it is only for replacing the outer sole, this can be done easily by your local cobbler, as it is a simple procedure and will be more economical for you to have it done locally. You can also experiment with different soling options at that time if you wish, though I recommend using something light and very flexible. If you need more complex work done in the future, you can send them to us and we will gladly fix or rebuild anything that is needed.

The leather soles hold up fairly well as long as you are mostly walking in the forest rather than on pavement. However, they will tend so soak up more moisture and won’t offer the traction that the Vibram rubber soles will, which is why most of our clients choose the rubber. It may also require more maintenance, depending on use and conditions. However, for some people the use of natural materials, closeness to the ground and feeling the earth for walking or stalking are more important considerations, so the leather sole is the right choice.
I have added a photo of the natural leather sole in the gallery on my website. See 3rd row down, 2nd pic from the left:

Our specialty is custom fitted leather moccasin-boots, and the base price of your boots includes this custom fitting. We only offer custom fitted boots because having footwear that is created specifically for your feet is a luxury that few people experience in this day and age.

We create a new, individual pattern for each pair of boots we make, and we send you this pattern with your boots. This way if you want to order another pair of custom moccasins in the future, simply send us your pattern and we will give you a $75 discount on your 2nd and all subsequent pairs of boots.

Yes, we have customers in every corner of the world!

Shipping is a basic flat rate of $59.95 for USA, $54.95 for Canada. All other countries according to the location.