Custom Order Form Preview & Price Calculator

This is a price calculator and a preview of the options in the Order Form for custom moccasins.  It is for your use and convenience only, and will not be submitted to us.

You will receive the real Custom Order Form by email upon paying your deposit.  That form is to be filled out and submitted, accompanying your order.

To place an order, please view our Products Page and choose any of the Custom Moccasin-Boots listings, and pay the deposit to get the process started.  See the price calculator below, and farther down are descriptions of each option with illustrations and examples.

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* Please Note *

Remember that the form above cannot be submitted.  It is only a preview of the real Order Form, here for your use and convenience.

You will receive the real Custom Order Form by email upon paying your deposit.  That form will be filled out and submitted, accompanying your order.

You can pay the deposit to get process started!

The $300 is a flat rate deposit that will be deducted from the full amount of your custom boots. As these leather moccasins are individually crafted for you and to your exact specifications, the total amount is determined by the options you choose when completing the Custom Order Form.

Detailed guide about the custom options:

Height of Boots/How many Buttons?

The number of buttons you choose determines the  height of your boots.  If you want the most accuracy, the best way is to take a measurement of your leg:

Measure up the side of your leg from the floor to the height you want.

Check for the closest match  in the table below.

eg.  I want these boots about 12” high, so I would choose a 6-button

  • 2-button: $390
  • 3-button: $390
  • 4-button: $440
  • 5-button: $490
  • 6-button: $540
  • 7-button: $590
  • 8-button: $640
  • 9-button: $690
  • 10-button: $740
Main Color Of Boot
  • Chocolate
  • Black
  • Tobacco
  • Redwood
  • Tan
  • Cream
  • Jade Forest Green
  • Red
  • Purple
Topline/Topline Style

This refers to the shape of the top of the boot upper. A straight top line is the standard on most boots, as well as most of our listings. The peaked top is pointed in the middle, whereas the side peak rises to a point on the outside.

* Please note that although piping is optional for a straight top boot, it is required for both peaked and side peak boots as the points need it to maintain their shape.

Heel Cap/Heel Cap Style

There are 3 main styles of heel cap: (Visual examples below)

  1. The standard heel cap is separate from the tabs.  The tabs are the leather loops with triangular stitching that the lace passes through. 
  2. The full heel cap goes right to the top of the boot, and the tabs are connected to the heel cap.
  3. The asymmetrical heel cap is off centre to allow for a hidden knife sheath and pocket, if this is wanted.

 * Note: some customers like the asymmetrical heel cap style even without the knife pocket, as in the Kurt Russell style boots

Style of Trim

The style of trim refers to the design type for the trim layer. The best way to figure this out is by looking at the options below or at photos on our website and referring to a listing that you like. Or invent something new!

Basic trim styles are included in the base price; more complex trim designs are priced accordingly. The most popular styles are listed in the menu, with photos below to illustrate. Any other style that is not here falls under “custom trim”, and you should describe what you want in the comments box, or by naming the listing that has the trim style you like(ie. “same trim as Magic Druid boots”).
Secondary/Extra Trim Layer

As mentioned earlier, one layer of trim is always included. A secondary trim layer is an option that adds depth and texture to the boots, and allows an extra color to be integrated if you wish. Both trim layers can also be the same color, which still adds depth and complexity to the design.
Toe Cap

The toe cap is an extra layer of leather covering the toe are of the boots. It is mostly an aesthetic consideration, but also adds another layer of protection to this area.

For people who are wanting a more soft moccasin feel, it is better without; For those preferring a bit more rigidity and protection, The toe cap is a good choice.

* Please note: As each boot is custom patterned and the sole made according to your foot tracing, there are often slight differences between the left and right toe box shape and toe cap.

Button Styles
Prices shown in the price calculator are per button. For button price total, multiply your number of buttons ( boot height X2), X individual button price. Eg. 3-button height = 6 buttons (3 on each boot) X $6 ea. = $36 total * Please Note: The D-ring option has an extra fee since the attachment system is much more complex. Also, with D-rings it is boot height X 4, since there 2 rings per loop on each boot.

The cuff is a bold feature that lends flair and adds an authentic look to Renaissance Boots, Pirate Boots, or any period costume.

* The half piping option is required for those ordering a cuff, as the cuff already covers the top line, and the half piping would then cover the edge down the side of the opening.


For our moccasins, this consists of the top line and the opening on the side where the buttons are. Although piping provides added rigidity and protection to the bare edges, it is optional for straight top line boots.

Many customers choose to have it though as it gives a more finished look, especially for boots with an extra trim layer or fancier design, as it ties it all together neatly.

However, if you choose a peaked top line or a side peak, piping is required to hold this shape.

For a more rugged look, such as the Kurt Russell Style Action Boots, or a simpler style such as the 2-button Black Booties, no piping is better suited.

Arch and Soles

The arch support option is for those who prefer some support in this area.  If you are comfortable in bare feet, flat sandals, or other simple footwear, then recommend no arch support

If you feel you need it, then we will custom fit your support and build it into your insole.
(Insoles with built in arch support are removeable)


The insole is on the inside of the moccasin and can be removed to air out or to replace with a winter/summer version for different seasons.

The insole is made up of 3 layers:

  1. A thin base layer of dense orthotic cushion (3mm)
  2.  A thicker layer or medium density orthotic quality cushioning (6mm)
  3. An optional arch support pad

A top layer of either smooth leather (for summer insoles) or quality wool felt (for winter insoles).

Outer Sole

The Newflex 8mm is what I recommend to most people because it has an ideal combination flexibility, cushioning, traction and durability while being very lightweight.

The Newflex 5 mm is exactly the same but a little bit more flexible and less durable.  I offered for those who prefer a thinner sole to to Be closer to the ground.

The 6mm Smooth is mainly for people who don’t want the tread pattern of the 8 mm.

The traditional leather sole is a great option for those who don’t want rubber, prefers something more traditional and natural, and I don’t mind doing more maintenance themselves. It is also much better suited to the forest and not concrete. It will not last as long as rubber, it will soak up water, and will delaminate much more easily.

The Minimalist Vibram  1 mm is only for those who want the absolute minimum because they are committed to minimalist footwear.

Custom Design

If you wish to have custom artwork or other custom design considerations incorporated into your boot, please describe your concept below. Uploading an image or sketch will help us visualize your idea. 

This is where the fun really begins!  The limit is your imagination…  choose a theme or symbol that has personal meaning for you and reflects your own uniqueness.  This is a co-creative process between you and the artisan.

You can also simply choose any design you see in the photo gallery, or use these as inspiration to have something new created.   

All custom work, including design time, research, or consultations, is billed at $85/hr. 


Ready to Design and Wear Your Own Work of Art?