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To build your custom order, please fill in the form below by selecting options in the drop-down menus.  A video with instructions for the fitting process will be emailed to you once the deposit is paid.

*Please note:  the details for your order are entirely based on the choices selected in this form, not from the photo in the listing you purchase as a deposit (those are only examples).  However, if you want your boots exactly as in the listing photo, please note this in the comments box at the bottom of this form.

If you have any questions or custom ideas to discuss we can be reached by email.  If you need phone assistance we can offer a consultation to fill out the form once the deposit is paid.  Please email to request a phone call.

Studio hours and email replies: Monday – Friday.

I look forward to making your dream boots a reality!

Nathan deBridge Bowes
Artisan, Designer & Owner at Soul Path Shoes.

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Vibram Newflex 5mm, Vibram Newflex 8mm, Vibram “smooth” 6mm

Thank you for filling out the Custom Order Form!
* Please note:  Paying a deposit is required to complete a custom order – filling out the custom order form does not constitute an order without the deposit.  See products below: